$70 million!!!
is the PBMSpread pricing for Maryland Medicaid program.

That is not a rounding error or “just Administrative Cost” as the State of Maryland Insurance administrators claim this is theft from MD taxpayer. 

*Results of Audit of the MD Medicaid program PBM reimbursement as required by a legislation passed in 2019.

Even a fraction of this $70 million could save many independents from closing, jobs being lost from Maryland, taxpayer dollars being sent out of state. Come testify with IPMD on Feb 27th or just show your support for our bill HB0756Contact your elected representative and tell them how you feel about independent pharmacies closing due to the unfair business practices of greedy corporate middlemen (PBM’s).


Also, please take a minute to email us and share with us what your local independent pharmacy means to you. Email us at: ipmdunited@gmail.com

IPMD is an organization of local independent pharmacists in Maryland. Our mission is to keep Maryland Healthy by supporting the causes of independent pharmacies. To stop anti-competitive practices and save taxpayer dollars from unregulated middlemen of pharmacy called PBM’s (Pharmacy Benefit Managers). 

Independent Pharmacists are a vital part of the healthcare team and our communities. Pharmacy cannot be commoditized by separating the dispensing act from the counseling/personal touch aspect. This frequently happens at typical understaffed (“operationally efficient”) large busy corporate stores. On the other hand an independent pharmacy typically has twice the labor/hour of “corporate store” giving an independent pharmacist time to talk to their patients. The personal touch along with easy accessibility of a local independent can have significant positive impact on a patient life. 

Please watch the video below which was created by National Community Pharmacist Association showcasing an independent pharmacist.

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